Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sexy Sassy Salsa!

"1-2-3 boongie boongie boongie!!! Ready to work your boongie?"

That's the opening cry of our Salsa instructor - she's the best - go Maydi! - a call to battle - a warning that you are about to enter a relentless foray into the dance. Except it's no ordinary dance. It's a jammm. A jam to the hot, frenzied latin beat, a rhythmic pulse you won't want to end. 5 sexy sassy steps to freedom! A more fun way to burn off those pesky calories you won't find. Our motley crew gathers in Paradise (Paradise Island) winding and shaking our boongies into the wee hours. For those of you who are not born Bahamian, a "boongie" is, more-than-generous, protrusion at the rear  - your rear...end...your "butt" in street parlance. After a drop dead night of steppin' and shakin', the departing boongies tend to be smaller than when they arrived :-) That's the whole idea. I never thought keeping fit could be so much fun:-) "1-2-3 boongie boongie boongie!!!"

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