Sunday, January 16, 2011

How to flush a toilet...

Did you know that if you flush a toilet with the lid up, that simple motion splashes bacteria and germs into the air in your bathroom, contaminating everything, your toothbrush, towels, soaps... everything...
Thought you might not know this so I'm throwing this out there for free. Before you flush PLEASE PLEASE close the lid, then flush to your heart's content. All of that gook, grime, and sludge nestled in your bowl is just sleeping. As soon as you lift the lever it will come alive, propelling itself upward like a startled Lochness Monster. The first law of physics teaches us that what goes up must come down, and this is no exception. Worse still, if you don't shield your stuff from this bad boy, it will surge upward and outward, just like a water fountain, except not as pretty.  So, use your lid for more than decoration. It's there for a reason. Let it do its job instead of smearing silent sludge on your teeth and gums when you next brush...ugh!!!

And don't forget to clean the lid!

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