Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Surrey

The reviews did not lie. 

I was headed back to New York, the place of the too small cubicles from the land of Lilliput. I happen to be tall but have nothing against generous space so when I found myself perspiring at the thought of living out of a shoe box, even for a weekend, I knew it was time to upsize the room. But it was New York. Big bucks buy TINY, spaces. More perspiration. Beginning to flow in rivulets. Back to scouring the reviews of the 5 star hotels at Big Apple rates. 

The Surrey? What kind of name is that for a hotel? What I didn't want was a horsey, rough and tumble kinda place where I'd have to parade around in jodphurs to fit in, and pretend to be a pretentious or horsey person. I don't have the right laugh for that. 

Speaking of horsey, remind me to share my hotel experience at the Kentucky Derby.

But I digress...

So I trolled their website - every page and every word. I read enough reviews to know that this place was no cheap and nasty little hole in the wall! The price, while way up there, would be palatable if you got what they promoted. 

Plus it was my daughter's 21st birthday weekend. We needed a good hotel with a rooftop to party.

I decide to go for it. Then I decided that such a place deserved, no REQUIRED, one to make an entrance. So I booked a limo from the airport.

From the time that my limo doors whisked open on arrival, through my grande entrance into the well-appointed lobby, the fawning by well-trained staff, I knew I was home. So sure was I that I would not need to check the sheets for stains and tears that I decided to forego the usual pre-check-in room inspection that is a part of my arrival at any hotel. I just knew. But truth be known, the slow elevator ride to my room caused me momentary panic, throwing me back to the dark, narrow hallways that tended to greet slowwww elevators. When the doors opened the hallway was narrow...I tried to beat down my rising apprehension..until I saw the room. Sunshine! Exquisite. Spacious bed and bath, lovely appointments. My favourite was the lotion pots. Very handbag-friendly indeed. Luxurious linen, whiter than white, crisp, clean, clear. What more could a princess want? 

A comfortable mattress, fluffy bath robe, slippers, and peace and quiet. I got it all. (The slippers are the nicest-looking of my hotel encounters thus far. I'm still wearing them months later.)

Ahhhh, the sweet smell of uninterrupted sleep. In NYC!

A contented OCDebs indeed - um, is that an oxymoron?

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