Monday, January 24, 2011

Yard House

What an interesting name for an interesting restaurant-meets-high-end-sports bar. I had the pleasure of dining at the gorgeous Village at Gulfstream Park location in Hallandale, Florida during the Christmas holidays. Whoever is in the kitchen at the Yard House definitely knows what they're doing! Seasonings, textures, and a visual delight come together in a grand feast of taste, sight, and smell AND in generous, affordable portions. It was soooo good that I found myself back there the following night. And what about the laid-back atmosphere in which it's all done...If that's not enough, wander outside in cooler temps where north meets south on the porch, all nicely heated to  toasty temperatures, splashed against a picturesque waterfall backdrop. Indeed a sensory explosion for the wandering eye and selective palate. Yumm!

If I had to find something wrong (which I do) it would be the volume of the music which is much too loud for civilised conversation. Ear-busting decibels indoors. I'm not a shouter. So, unless you enjoy gut-busting chatter, you may want to go with someone you don't want to talk to. Or someone whose beauty you're happy to gaze upon in transfixed speechless wonder. Or go alone. If all else fails, you can just sit outdoors and bask in the beauty of the water show.

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